Fix Black Screen Issues on Google Nexus 6

A few Nexus 6 owners have been suffering from one of the most common issues found on a device: I am talking about the black screen issue, but don’t you imagine that there is no solution for that. If you are here, reading this, I have a strong feeling that you might be in the same situation, but don’t get scared or furious as i will teach you how to fix the black screen issue from your Google Nexus 6.

First of all, let me tell you that when exiting an application, turning the handset on or even sliding out a physical keyboard, various Android owners complain about seeing a blak screen, with their wallpaper still there, but no application icons.

Well, this is not actually an issue, but the delay that you are experiencing is actually known as “home screen redraw”. To be more specific, it can take a few seconds or even more than 30 seconds for things to go back to normal. However, if this doesn’t happen and your nexus phone still suffers from this problem, it’s time to take action:

How to Fix Black Screen Issues on Google Nexus 6:

Do you want a replacement?
If you have this problem, you can obviously call the manufacturer or the carrier to tell them about it. If your Google Nexus 6 is still covered by warranty, a customer service rep will most likely present you the possibility to send you a replacement. However, if you are not willing to give up so fast, not to mention that this this might take a few days (if not even more), than there are some simple tricks that you can apply and you have big chances to be successful.

Try to Factory Reset your Google Nexus 6
There is no mystery that a factory reset may be the key to returning to normal if you are currently experiencing a blank screen, if the your Google Nexus 6 cannot be used for receiving calls, if it works slower than before and not only.

You can learn how to hard reset your handset by using a step by step tutorial on this topic and even though it might take longer than usual for booting, there are big chances to get rid of the black screen problem once and for all!

Find the responsible third-party app
Yes, your black screen issue can be caused by a rogue app. What can you do in such a case? You should hold down the Power button and then tap and hold on Power off when it pops up. Then, choose OK when Reboot to safe mode comes up. If it runs fine, then you know for sure that a third-party app is to blame for your annoying black screen. If there aren’t too many apps on your phone, uninstall and test again one by one until you find the one responsible for your situation.

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Random reboots
There are also many Nexus 6 owners who have been suffering from random reboots. Just as in the case that I am talking about, the screen will go black and reboot or it will simply freeze and that’s not what you need. If you are in such a situation as well, then you must hold the Power button to get it to reboot and work again. And if you have an AT&T Nexus 6, a few people have already discovered that using a third-party messenger app is causing stability issues. You could uninstall and just try Hangouts to see if the problem persists or simply contact AT&T and see what their solution is.

Charge your Google Nexus 6
No less important, could this be a charging issue? Just try to charge the Nexus 6 device and make sure that it is not showing the black screen due to the ultra-low battery or due to a malfunctioning charging cable.

If none of these solutions worked and the black screen is still there, no matter what you are doing, then I am back to my first suggestion: you must take your phone to the service center!

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