Enjoy a Wide Selfie for You and Your Friends on your Galaxy S8

You have probably seen that we are going to walk you through some of the features you should be aware of on the Galaxy S8 camera, and how to make the most of them for the best front-facing pictures, therefore we must tell you about the amazing Wide Selfie Mode.

Honestly, the most interesting feature of the bunch for selfies on the Galaxy S8 is this precise wide selfie mode. In case of not knowing, it uses the same tech you are used to using for panorama shots on the rear camera, but used instead on the front-facer to get everyone in a single shot.

Selfie Mode takes your Galaxy S8 selfies to another level creatively. With a host of enhanced selfie features, you’ll have the chance to pack all the fun into one frame and every photo of you will be made to look even better. If you want a Wide Selfie for you and your friends, my advice is not to squeeze up to take a selfie together, but use the Wide selfie feature.

This is how you can basically get a super wide-angle shot that can fit even the biggest crowd in together. To be more precise, here’s what you have to do:

How to Enjoy a Wide Selfie for You and Your Friends on your Galaxy S8:

  1. To use Wide Selfie Mode, launch the Camera on your Samsung Galaxy device;
  2. Then, you need to tap the front camera icon;
  3. Tap the Mode icon;
  4. Up next, select Wide Selfie Mode;
  5. When you’re ready to take your selfie, you must simply touch Capture or show your palm to the camera to have your picture taken after 2 seconds;
  6. Then, you must swivel your device slowly to the left or right;
  7. Slowly swivel the device left and then right to take a wide self-portrait and like that, the device will take additional photos when the blue frame moves to each end of the white frame;
  8. Make sure to keep the blue frame inside the viewfinder window;
  9. At the end, just be sure that the image will be saved automatically and taken image have wide angle.

So, have you tried this mode out too? Do you agree that it is perfect for those moments when you want to fit everyone in — or just yourself with that beautiful background that others should see too or that you simply want to recall forever?

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