Secure Folder App is another Samsung Wonder

I was looking for something over the internet the other days and I accidentally discovered the downloadable form of Samsung’s Secure Folder app. I often fell surrounded by prying eyes who want to take a peek at my life, but why should I let them do that? Privacy is a big deal to me and I can only guess that you feel the same.

Therefore let me tell you that Samsung has officially released its new Secure Folder app which has been designed with this precise purpose in mind – to keep Samsung users as me and you assured that their info stays in a happy bubble of protection and nothing bad can ever happen.

I love the idea – don’t get me wrong, yet I was a little bit confused! I first discovered it as a part of a teaser commercial for the company’s Galaxy S8 device, so I could only imagine that it was made just for this handset. I am glad to admit that I was wrong since this Secure Folder app is also available for both Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones.

Do you want to find out more about how this Secure Folder app can actually take better care of your sensitive data? I had the very same question in mind, so let’s proceed:

Secure Folder is Based on Samsung’s “defence-grade” Knox Security Platform

This app aims to create an encrypted space for us to store our data. I always like to double check and get to the very essence of things; that’s how I discovered that the Secure Folder is based on Samsung’s “defence-grade” Knox security platform, so you have the guarantee that it really keeps your data safe and sound. The Korean company might have its share of mistakes, but there’s no joke when it comes to its Knox Security Platform!

Secure Folder Provides Fast Transfer

Make a choice and store anything that you want in this Secure Folder – your most frequently used apps, banking files, images from last night’s party, or documents of any kind. For that, simply move apps and other data by importing them via “Add files” from inside Secure Folder or by tapping the button that says “Move to Secure Folder”. What can be easier than that?

More Security for Those Insecure

Are you thinking of some scenarios in which all these might not be enough? I totally get you! Let’s just say that one of your colleagues asks for your phone. He mumbles something about a short conversation and you tend to believe him or you are too polite to refuse. What if he sees your Secure Folder? Are you sure that your supposedly good intention won’t turn into something else? Will he face the temptation to take a peek?

I know that saying: a little curiosity never hurts, but this time you really don’t have to worry. The interesting part is that the Secure Folder app lets you customize the name of Secure Folder, its icon, or even completely hide it from the home screen.

Moreover, you can choose between four options to get access to the Secure Folder: PIN, passcode, pattern, or biometric verification (fingerprint authentication). So, all your data and apps are hidden under an extra layer of security.

Limited Access to the Secure Folder

No one can see what you have there and I know that you must be thinking of the browsing history which often reveals the truth! That’s not the case any longer! You can rest assured, as the Secure Folder does its magic and the history for apps within the Secure Folder will always be kept separate from the same apps that are not in the folder. Why am I saying that? Well, apps and data transferred into the Secure Folder are sandboxed separately on the device which provides not only the security that you dream of, but also the convenience of running two instances of an app on the same handset.

The Korean company also allows you to backup the contents of the Secure Folder and restore data when buying a new smartphone. You can easily do it from Settings inside the app.

Secure Folder Compatibility

I’ve told you that you must be the owner of a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge for this Secure Folder to work, but there’s a small trick! Your handsets should be running Nougat or else this Secure Folder is not for you just yet.

And there’s hope for other users too! It seems that phones in the Galaxy A 2017 series already comes with this feature included. And if this isn’t helping you either, then let me just say that Samsung is clear about the fact that it will definitely add support for other devices soon. My guess is that more Samsung Galaxy smartphones will be added to the list, but we’ll live and see.

Samsung has released this Secure Folder app on the Galaxy Apps store, but you can use this download link for higher convenience.

Download: Secure Folder Version: 1.0.01-020

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