Prevent Galaxy S7 from Automatically Connecting to Untrusted Wi-Fi Networks

You know how things are with the latest Android smartphones. They usually connect to a Wi-Fi network that’s requesting our mobile number so that we can enjoy a 30-minute free browsing session, but this must not necessary be what you have in mind.

However, you should know that Samsung has added a new feature on its latest smartphones and this is also available for your Galaxy S7 Edge. The handset enables users to prevent their handsets from automatically connecting to shady Wi-Fi hotspots and, instead, stick only to trusted ones that have been used and approved in the past.

Prevent Galaxy S7 from Automatically Connecting to Untrusted Wi-Fi Networks:

  1. First of all, you have to enter into your Galaxy S7 Settings;
  2. While there, don’t hesitate to tap on Data Usage;
  3. Up next, tap on More;
  4. Select Restrict Networks;
  5. You will immediately see a list of all recognized Wi-Fi networks that you’ve used up to this point;
  6. Do not hesitate to choose the ones you’d like to automatically connect to in the future. All the other networks will be disregarded.

So, up to this point, you will see the fact that your Galaxy S7 phone isn’t connecting to any unlocked Wi-Fi network it’s in proximity of, as you have wanted from the start.

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