Google Duo – the Perfect One-to-one Video Calling App

Duo is a one-to-one video calling app perfect for all those who like to keep things as simple as possible. Yes, the app is especially designed to be simple and reliable, so I can assure you that it cannot disappoint you.

Even more, I want to tell you that Google’s Duo video calling application has been out for more than a week now. To be more precise, it was released on August 16, but it took other two days to propagate globally. In such a short while, the app is already in the top of the free new apps on the Play Store and Duo is celebrating another success: over 5 million downloads on Android.

How this happened? If you ask me, I think that it has to do with the fact that the app is unique and comes with such a simple approach to video calling. You know that video calling is the next best thing to actually being with someone in person, but it has turned out into such a complicated experience. To make things easier, Google Duo for Android takes the complexity out of video calling, so that you can enjoy some quality time with someone far away.

You know when a call fails to connect, but with this Duo app, this becomes a part of the past. The app is to reliable, so that video calls connect quickly and work with no issues even on slower networks. Call quality adjusts to changing network conditions to keep you connected — when bandwidth is limited, Duo will immediately reduce the resolution to keep the call going as smooth as possible.

As for my favorite ones – the video calls on the go, of course – the app can switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data automatically without dropping your call. You can start your call at home, and continue it even when you head out the door and walk on the street or take a walk in the park.

It is also important to note that Duo offers end to end encryption. This practically means that your conversations cannot be viewed by Google or by any other third party and even more, the app feels somehow inviting, focusing on you and the person you’re calling. The special feature in Duo called Knock Knock which lets you see live video of your caller before you answer, giving you a sense of what they’re up to and helping you connect with the person before he or she even picks up.

To be more precise, that’s how you can use the app:

  1. For the start, grab Google Duo with the help of this direct Google Play link;
  2. After the installation is complete, you just have to open the application;
  3. Up next, you will only see one screen asking for phone verification; complete the procedure;
  4. Then, there is nothing stopping you from making your first call;
  5. During the call, things are really simple as you can only see yourself, switch cameras and hang up. So, how can you not enjoy the app?

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