Solve Galaxy S7 Edge Volume and Power Buttons Errors

The seventh-generation of Galaxy S smartphones arrived with a number of bells and whistles including a much faster processor, an improved camera, a new software version and much more. However, the handset still has its fair of issues and owners have to deal with them in their best way.

The Galaxy S7 Edge Volume and Power buttons problems are one of the most common issues that Android smartphone owners have to face. There are cases when you find yourself pressing the volume down button to no avail. You can’t turn down the volume, so everything seems in vain. You can still use the volume up button, but the volume down button doesn’t work.

After that, you decide to turn off the display with the power/standby button so that you may wake the Galaxy S7 Edge device out of sleep (a simple little jolt may do, you tell yourself), only to discover that the power/standby button doesn’t work, either.

Is there anything that you can do to solve these problems? Let me tell you that there is a very simple workaround for them:

Solve Galaxy S7 Edge Volume and Power Buttons Errors:

  1. You need only hold down the volume down button and the power/standby button until the screen goes black;
  2. Keep holding them until you see the phone name: Galaxy S7 Edge appearing on-screen;
  3. Then, you will be brought to a menu page that can be navigated by pressing the volume up or volume down buttons;
  4. Choose reboot normally;
  5. Up next, press the home button to confirm this selection;
  6. Then, your Galaxy S7 edge will reboot and everything should work as normal.

Have you experienced any random issues with the Galaxy S7 Edge? If so, let us know, and don’t forget to check out more tips to make the best of your new phone:

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