Essential Tips and Tricks for your LG G4

As you have seen from AndroidFlagship’s latest posts, LG G4 has plenty to offer with its big and bright 5.5-inch screen and super impressive camera, but there are also lots of settings that you’ll want to change as soon as the device is removed from the box.

Owners that just received the phone should check out all the options and controls in settings, but those that don’t know what to do for the best Android experience, should keep on reading this guide. As you have already guessed, I will show you the right settings to customize your LG G4 and enjoy it even more.

Why should you do such a thing? Well, there is no mystery that LG chooses to enable and disable certain settings that the company thinks will deliver the best experience, but I strongly consider that many of these settings are a personal preference. Everyone has different needs, so you don’t need follow this guide exactly, but it will give you a good idea on how to make the device more personal.

Are you ready to start digging through the settings menu and making the perfect changes? Let’s start!

Essential Tips and Tricks for your LG G4:

Change the settings to list view
This is one of the first things that you should do when becoming the owner of this LG G4 device. So, don’t waste any more time and enter into Settings. After that, you have to tap the three-dot overflow menu button and select “List view” – it’s simply unacceptable to have another option in these days.

Get a quick look at the clock and notifications
Here I have another simple tip for getting a quick look at the time and notifications. When the display is off, you have the possibility to slide your finger from the very top of the screen to about halfway down to show the clock and status bar.

Get better audio quality on calls
I know that LG G4 has a variety of impressive features, but don’t forget about the basics: it’s obviously that you want the best sounding call quality possible, so go to Settings > Call and check the boxes for Voice Clarity and Noise Suppression. Making such changes will improve the quality of voices on calls and take the edge off background noise, so don’t hesitate to apply these simple steps.

Change the lock screen animation
LG gives you the possibility to customize how it looks when you swipe to unlock your Android phone. In case of not knowing, let me tell you that there are no less than five different animations to choose from. However, keep in mind that these animations only work with the Swipe screen lock method, or if Smart Lock is currently active. That is what you have to do:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Then, enter into Lock screen;
  3. Select Screen swipe effect;
  4. You can choose from Hula hoop, Light particle, Vector circle, Soda, or Circle mosaic. Which one is your favorite?

Plug in your cloud accounts
Do you like using Dropbox and OneDrive? Then, you should know that LG G4 also has system-level integration with a number of cloud storage providers:

  1. Enter into the Settings menu;
  2. From here, you have to find Cloud under the General > Personal section;
  3. It supports Dropbox, Drive, Box, OneDrive, and LG Cloud (which no one really uses);
  4. Sign in with your accounts here. Like that, the media content in your online storage will be accessible in the gallery, music, as well as in the file manager apps and you can also change which of the three has access to each cloud account individually.

Glance view
If you choose to drag down on the screen and you’ll open what LG calls “Glance View.” This handy feature shows you the clock, status bar with any notification icons, and the date.

Enjoy more Space in the notifications shade
You know that LG’s interface has improved since the LG G2, but I think that there still isn’t all that much space in the notifications shade. To change that, I suggest removing the volume slider and QSlide. Your QSlide apps can be easily accessed with a simple flip of the Quick Settings toggle and if you head all the way to the right of the Quick Settings you’ll see the option to edit. Here you can rearrange the order of your Quick Settings toggles and check or un-check the box for volume slider and brightness.

Unlock your LG phone with a Simple Tap
Do you know that you can wake or sleep the phone without even pressing the Power button? To wake the phone you can simply double-tap anywhere on the screen and yes, putting the device to sleep works the same way. If you’re using the stock LG launcher you can double-tap on any blank space, but if you’re using a 3rd-party launcher, just double-tap the status bar.

Fix the App’s Drawer Issue
The default app drawer arrangement on the G4 is “custom,” so I find this as being a real issue and there is no wonder that you can’t find anything.” You should change this to alphabetical using the overflow menu button, so tap View apps by and select Name.

Add and Reorder Home Screen Panels
In order to further customize your home screen, feel free to add and reorder the panels. Pinch your fingers on the home screen to zoom out and see all the panels. From here you can also select which panel is the main panel by tapping the house icon and then, add more panels by tapping the empty panel with a + icon. You can also press and hold a panel to drag it into the trash.

So, what do you think of your LG G4 now? Don’t you like it better?

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