Children Can Build Skills to Master the Alphabet with Super Why! from PBS Kids

Don’t you tell me that you have never heard of Super Why! from PBS Kids! Well, it’s never too late to discover something new and to be willing to give it a try. This time, I am not talking about an Android app for you, but one for your children!

What better way to educate children than with the help of some of their favorite TV characters? You already know the answer to that, so that’s why the Super Why! from PBS Kids app is such a success. In this app, kids will learn about rhyming and spelling by interacting with Super Why as long as all of his friends: Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red, and Super Why are prepared to play different roles in the app, making it the perfect game for preschool and kindergarten preparation and practice.

To be more precise, the app provides no less than five interactive literacy games that help build skills to master the alphabet! With each game hosted by a different Super Reader, your little one will be introduced to uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as their names, the order of the alphabet, writing letters and more in ways that you have never imagined!

The kids must help Alpha Pig find his way home by finding the letters he needs to follow the alphabet path. Then, they must solve Princess’s Presto problem: to be more specific, they have to make objects appear by identifying letter sounds, tracing letters on the touch screen, as well as by writing words. The story continues with Wonder Red and finding the rhyming words missing from her Wonder Words Basket and no less important, Super Why needs help to save the day by selecting words to complete sentences that fit the story.

How are the children rewarded for their results? They can collect virtual stickers along the way and decorate a “sticker book” with more than 50 items that they will probably love.

This why you should take Super Why! from PBS Kids by entering here and install it onto your Android handset.

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