Learn How to Access Mac Notes on Android

Some people search for the easiest method to transfer notes from Mac to Android. It makes sense that more and more people are multi-device users, especially these days. There are plenty of tools that help users to communicate between Mac and Android and move files, but you need to know what and where to look. So, transferring these vital notes often remains a challenge.

In this article, I want to change that. You don’t need to walk an extra mile to get that. You don’t have to think of getting an iPhone either since the procedure could be so much easier on Android too. I will therefore share an easy way for all urses to move notes from your Mac to an Android device. Well, it’s true that the notes you create on Mac under Google section don’t go to your iCloud.

And you cannot edit the notes that are synced to your Gmail account, but sometimes you cannot have it all in life.
Here are five easy easy steps to follow to transfer your Mac Notes. And enjoy what you have since you are so lucky!

Learn to Access Mac Notes on Android:

  1. First of all, on your Mac, open System Preferences;
  2. Then, you must click on Internet Accounts;
  3. Now, select Google and log into the account that is added on your Android phone. If you have already added that Google account, then feel free to skip this step;
  4. Select the account when it is added. The Notes app should be checked;
  5. That’s it! Up to now, whenever you add any note using the Notes app on your Mac they will be shown in your Gmail account under “Notes” label. Don’t you love the change?

Also make sure that the notes you create on Mac are added under Google section and not in iCloud. To sync your existing notes in iCloud you can copy them manually from iCloud to Google section and be sure of the fact that they will show up under Notes label in Gmail.

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