How to Fix Galaxy S8 Plus Wireless Charging Issues

Shortly after the official launch of the Galaxy S8 Plus, a large of number of users took to online blogs to complain about bizarre red discoloration problems on their handset’s displays. However, this was only the beginning of a dark time with more and more issues coming from nowhere.

Following complaints of red tinted screens, there are plenty of users now finding themselves unable to charge their smartphones wirelessly even when using Samsung’s own wireless fast charging pads. For example, when a Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone is placed on top of a fast charging pad for the Galaxy S7 things don’t work too well. A notification informs the user that an irregular charge is detected. There is also a reappearing “Wireless charging paused” message at the bottom of the screen which implies that the Galaxy S8 Plus handset isn’t receiving the proper amount of charge from Samsung itself.

Not everyone is affected by this error, but those who are complain about often seeing a “charging paused” message in more situations. Others say that they can’t get the fast charging to work, not to mention that there are even users having trouble getting wireless charging working at all.

What can you do?

  1. Well, you see that you are experiencing issues while charging the new smartphone on the company’s old fast wireless charging pads. Though it’s not clear why this is the case, the general consensus is that there is a glitch that can be fixed in a future update. After all, the Galaxy S7 device works perfectly fine, but the Galaxy S8 Plus does not, so it’s Samsung’s turn to change things;
  2. In case of using a Galaxy S8 Plus case, don’t hesitate to try removing it and test if things are any better. Wireless charging will work just fine with some cases, but there are also exceptions, so make sure that you don’t use one of those;
  3. The wireless fast charging apparently does not work with many third-party accessories. If you use a Samsung fast wireless charging pad with the cable and wall charger that came with your S8 Plus, then you rule out this possibility;
  4. In case of generally using a power strip, try plugging directly into the wall instead. It’s also worth testing with more than one wall outlet, just to rule out this option too.

I am aware of the fact that such sort of an issue is not so serious, but all these little things are worth knowing about for anyone who has their eyes on a new Galaxy S8 Plus.

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