Add Swipe Controls to YouTube Android App

As you have seen, Google has been working on revamping the YouTube application in recent months. Following the introduction of a brand new dark mode that people already love these days, they’re now giving us a new feature: I am talking about the ability to double tap to jump no more or less than 10 seconds forward or backward which is a nice feature.

But wouldn’t you like it better to have the chance to swipe left or right to seek forward or backward in the video or swipe up and down to control the volume of your device?

Swiping to control audio and video is almost a standard feature on every popular video app on the Play Store, but it remained nothing more than a desire for YouTube users for such a long time. This shouldn’t only be a dream, especially now, when you can choose to aadd swipe controls to YouTube Android with a special tool that you will find right below.

I must warn you from the start though: you cannot go to the actual procedure if you do not have root enabled and Xposed framework installed, so you know what you have to do!

How to Add Swipe Controls to YouTube Android App:

  1. At first, get the YouTube swipe to seek APK;
  2. Install the APK as you normally do;
  3. A notification should appear asking you to Activate and Reboot. Do that right away;
  4. That was pretty much all you had to do, so try it out and play a video on the official YouTube app;now, you can easily swipe left or right and a toast notification will appear telling you how far ahead or behind you’ve jumped in the video;
  5. As you see, swiping up and down changes the volume levels, nut note that volume controls here only work when playing the video in full screen.

Pretty simple, intuitive, and easy, don’t you think? The only issue might be that it could be incredibly sensitive, but experimenting it for a few times will eventually lead to solving this problem.

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