Enjoy Google Camera App’s Night Sight Mode for your Pixel 3

Of all the things I liked about the Pixel 3, I must admit that I was really impressed by the vibrant and sharp photos it takes, even in low light, with a single rear camera. And things are about to get even better. I am saying that since Google’s most awaited camera feature is now rolling out to the Pixel 3 handset too. The feature that I am talking about is clearly Night Sight and it is now available in the Google Camera app, after the update.

If you own the Pixel 3 smartphone too and no update come to you up to this point, then simply head to the Google Play store and look for an update for the Camera app. I am sure that you don’t want to miss what the new feature promises! I am talking about much better low-light photographs by using a combination of computational photography and machine learning.

If you don’t know, this is Google’s answer to Night Mode on Huawei’s latest flagship phones and it surprised us all. Before the perfect shot is even taken, Google’s Night Sight camera does some interesting multifactorial calculations to make sure that you are really getting the very best. Using what the company calls motion metering, it takes into account its own movement, the movement of objects in the scene, and the amount of light available to decide how many exposures to take and how long they should be.

I know that it sounds complicated, but finally Night Sight photos takes up to six seconds and up to 15 frames to capture one image. And that image is as close to perfection as you can get for now.

And if you’re disappointed that Google has only released this for Pixel phones, then I have great news for you. Let me tell you about some recent XDA Developers reports that a Google Camera port with Night Sight mode has just been developed for the Poco F1 and Mi 8 devices. This port is said to work on Android Pie ROMs as well as MIUI Android Pie Beta ROMs, so be sure that I’ll keep an eye on things and return with fresh info as soon as possible.

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