Use Galaxy S7 Edge Home Screen in Landscape Mode, just as in Galaxy S9

Are you keeping a close eye on what’s happening with Samsung’s latest Galaxy S9 device? Then, chances are you have already heard about that procedure from the Settings page; users have to tap on Home Screen, then scroll to near the bottom and even if by default, the S9 locks the display in portrait mode, they must only tap on the switch to turn off “Portrait mode only. Well, it isn’t such a bug thing, unless you are one of those Android users who tend to have multiple apps running simultaneously.

What to do if the handset that you own is a Galaxy S7 Edge and not the Galaxy S9 model? Things couldn’t be any easier for you since you can also use the Home Screen in Landscape Mode, just as Galaxy S9 owners do it. There’s so much more we could still talk about your handset, so I can only encourage you to see the bright sight of things and only then decide if you want to upgrade so soon.

I am sure that you are not new to custom launchers and if it is about getting high customizability without being difficult to use, Pixel 2 Launcher seems like an ideal option. The Pixel 2 Launcher comes with this ability too, so make sure you have Unknown Sources enabled. So, in case of not already having it, download the latest version of the Rootless Pixel Launcher and open the APK from your notification tray or using any file browser. All you must do is to press “Install” when prompted and now, the actual procedure is waiting for you:

Use Galaxy S7 Edge Home Screen in Landscape Mode:

  1. First of all, you have to long-press the home screen;
  2. Then, just tap the gear icon that says “Settings”;
  3. Then, you have to hit the button next to “Allow Home screen rotation”. Like that, your Home screen will now rotate between landscape and portrait mode, depending on how you hold your S7 Edge, so enjoy!

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