How to Solve Emojis Not Showing on LG V30

Why can’t I see emoji on my LG V30? I’ve heard this question too many times up to now in order to believe that there is no problem at this chapter. These days show us that emojis play a great role in the success of many online chat applications such as messenger and Whatsapp.

Almost every latest Android-based smartphone is equipped with this feature, so why should things be any different in your LG V30 handset?

In this post, I will show you how to fix emojis not working on LG V30. There are certain chances that the problem will be gone without doing thing, but it might also persist. The guide I am going to introduce you with reveals some simple tips for your device and I am sure you will find a solution.

How to Solve Emojis Not Showing on LG V30:

  • Let me tell you from the start that installing a third-party app for chatting or texting can cause the problem that you are experiencing. It is not always necessary that all the apps available on the Play Store are compatible with the Android version installed on your device, so you should better remove the third-party apps simply. You can take your device into recovery mode to see if the problem is due to this reason.
  • You should also check for software updates for your LG V30. The software update can be a solution for the emojis not showing up. Updating the software is possible via these steps:
  1. You must enter into Settings;
  2. Then, click on More;
  3. After that, you have toon the System Update > Update LG Software;
  4. At that point, a message will display showing that your software is up to date or needs and update. After completing an update your emojis should be available.
  • There is also a chance to find out that the person you are having communication with on your default messaging app does not match your software. The person who texted you with emojis included might be using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and you aren’t able to see the emojis he or she sent, yet I am sure that it isn’t the end of the world if it is only happening when chatting with one person;
  • Even more, installing a Custom ROM on the device can also be the reason for this problem. Therefore, if you have customized your handset’s OS, there are chances that you are facing this issue because of no other reason than this one.

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