Change Wallpaper on your LG V30 Device

Phones tend to become the center of our lives. They hold our most important information, let us access the best music and latest games, store photos and videos of the best moments of our life and more. So, it’s no surprise that we look for new and new ways of customizing our phones.

One of the easiest methods to do that is by switching up the wallpaper and you can easily do that on your LG V30 device too.

In LG V30 home screen settings, you can see several sections including General, Style, Layout and tips. You can change screen swipe effect, wallpaper motion, change theme and icon shape on LG V30, left home screen and more settings.

Some might fear of the idea of changing the wallpaper on any LG handset, but the operation is far from complicated, yet you can choose between no less than two different options on that matter.

Change Wallpaper on your LG V30 Device (method 1):

  1. Enter into Settings;
  2. Then, you have to browse Sound and Display from the settings page;
  3. Up next, select Wallpaper;
  4. You must bow go to the screen specified here and this will permit you to either choose from the file of pre-equipped backdrops or selecting another photo that you love from your LG V30. The choice is yours!

Change Wallpaper on your LG V30 Device (method 2):

  1. Go to the home screen launcher;
  2. If you select and hold for two seconds a vacant part of the LG V30 home screen, the settings menu will appear;
  3. You must now tap the “Wallpapers” button;
  4. A list of pre-loaded backdrops that can be selected from will be displayed at the LG V30 backdrop settings;
  5. You can tap any photo located on your smartphone by selecting the Gallery option;
  6. At the top of the screen, you must now tap the bar after picking out the photo that you’d like as a backdrop;
  7. Then, you must tap either the home screen backdrop, lock screen backdrop or both, if you already decided where you can place them;
  8. At the end, just tap the Set as wallpaper and you are good to go.

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