AutoMate Helps Drivers with Relevant Information

For those of you who don’t know, AutoMate is an Android app that has one main purpose: to help all drivers with relevant information exactly when they need it the most. The app manages to do that by making the services and apps that you generally use on your device readily available to you within a single app click, swipe, or by using voice dictation.

I am taking about maps, phone, places, messaging, music and more – all being ready for use. This is designed to eliminate the distraction of using apps while on the road and I have great news for you: a month ago AutoMate was still in its beta stage and your only chance of enjoying it is to become a tester and download the app.

Now, things have changed and the app can be enjoyed by any Android user who might need it. Let me tell you from the start that the main screen presents you various cards (just like the ones that you know so well from Google Now) full with useful information: messages, weather info, upcoming calendar events, missed calls are just some examples.

Then, on the bottom, there are different buttons for maps, dialer, music, and shortcuts. By default, the map and music apps are Google Maps and Google Play Music. As for the Shortcuts menu, there you can also find some of the most used toggles like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and access to all of your apps if you need them on the go.

When it comes to its minimalist UI, I think that is some sort of reminiscent of Android Auto, but I personally love that as long as it is simple and intuitive. I see no reason for complication my life without having to!

However, if you were expecting getting more than these features and options offered by the standard AutoMate app, then you always choose the special treatment of upgrading. Well, the AutoMate Premium is available for y $3.17 and it lets you set AutoMate as your launcher, custom screen brightnesses for when the app is launched, set custom backgrounds in the app, receive traffic camera alerts in order to avoid ever getting a red light or speed camera ticket, to customize wallpapers for day and night themes and much more!

They sound great, but the choice is not mine to be made!

First of all, you could try on the free version from here and decide later if you really want more!

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