Spent Less Time on your Phone with the help of the AppDetox App

Do you find the scenario of having your Android phone in one hand a regular one? Are most of your emails send with your phone, are you using it for staying fit, watching your favorite videos, has it become a part of your daily interactions, are you checking it when you’re having dinner with your friends and family, sleeping with your smartphones in the bedroom and taking it with you in the bathroom as well?

If you feel your Android device is hurting relationships or your work schedule, the truth is that you may have a problem with the excessive cell phone use. Overuse of your Android device can lead to issues in your personal relationships and lack of productivity in daily life, so it’s time to admit that you have a problem and take action.

The help, as ironic it might sound, comes from none other than an app that can cure you of this disease. AppDetox is a beautiful app that has the ability to track your mobile usage and keep you on task while you need to work.

With the help of the app, you can restrict the YouTube usage during office while leaving your mailbox untouched. The app settings are quite simple, so you can manage the number of times an app can be opened, the times when it can be used, as well as duration of the app usage. And what’s even more interesting, you can even enjoy the new feature to allow usage per steps. It is true that this only work on devices running KitKat or any other more recent version, but I have a strong feeling that this won’t be a problem.

Some say that rules are made to be break, but this is not the case! Every time you try to break your own rules (and you can be sure that there will be such situations), AppDetox will be there reminding you about what you should do.
Do you want to get your daily dose too?

Take the app from here and let me know if it managed to calm down your mobile app usage for real.

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