Fix System UIDs Inconsistent on Android

The problem that I want to talk about in this guide started when I got a message upon starting my phone saying, ‘UIDs on the system are inconsistent. You need to wipe your data partition or your device will be unstable.

I’m feeling lucky’. I did nothing special, but when I used my phone later, I noticed that I cannot open any app or navigate the desktop and that the device gets stuck at Android’s screen.

After a while, I could only answer calls and open an email when I see the notification at the notification bar, but then, the handset got stuck again. Why is this happening?

There might be some corrupted system files causing the problem and even one contributor in the forum of Verizon revealed the fact that the Customer Support of the carrier told him that the issue might be caused by a virus in his system.

If you are in the same situation, here’s what you should do in order to get rid of the problem:

How to Fix System UIDs Inconsistent on Android:

Go into Recovery Mode and select Wipe Cache Partition;

Go to “/data/system/uiderrors.txt” and uninstall the apps listed there;

There is also a big chance for this error to be affecting the integration of Kies with your device. In such a case, you should try updating or reinstalling Kies and attempt to backup once more;

Root your phone and install TWRP to fix permissions in your device; You can find have various useful guides such as:

You should also apply a hard reset on your handset. Feel free to use one of our tutorials:

I hope that these solutions have been helpful. For more questions or to tell us how the procedures went for you, do not hesitate to use the comments area from below.


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