Smart Wallpaper: Automatically Change the Wallpaper depending on the Wi-Fi network or Wheather

Wallpapers are generally used as a decorative background in a graphical user interface. They add that bit of visual flair to any Android handset you might be using, but installing a dedicated app is the easiest way of changing your Android device’s wallpaper on a schedule. Sometimes this is exactly what you need for a fresh look since you know that wallpapers add life to the screen of any device, but you don’t have the time to manually do it.

Or maybe you simply hate the idea of having that on your mind, in that already too long “to do” list. Wallpaper Changer is one of the most popular apps for the job, even though there are others around on Google Play. For example, have you ever heard of Smart Wallpaper and its one of a kind features?

Speaking of unique features, this app will change the wallpaper depending on the Wi-Fi network you’re using or on what the weather is like. You will definitely find it amusing to see a huge colorful umbrella as it rains cats and dogs or a delicious chicken sandwich while connecting to the Wi-Fi network from your favorite fast-food place.

The app also allows you to change the wallpaper depending on the day of the week and what time of the day it is. All you have to do is to open the app and choose what you want the wallpaper change to depend on. If you want, you may also select a random wallpaper by opening the app and selecting the “Random” option.

However, let me be clear about something: you must have the pre-selected images for the times you want it to change since the app will use the ones you have on your Android device’s gallery. However, there is nothing to worry about as the app has a built-in guide that will show you how to set up each image for a particular time frame or day and I am always eager to help.

Smart Wallpaper can be downloaded right away.

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