Basic Tips for LG G4 Camera

LG G4 has one of the most impressive Android phone cameras ever made up to this point. Are you the owner of this smartphone as well? Let me start with the basics: you have the chance to enjoy a 16-megapixel sensor, an f/1.8 lens which delivers solid low-light image capture, a colour spectrum sensor, optical image stabilization, so it’s obviously that the photos taken with such a camera look divine.

In addition to that, the LG G4 camera is very fast and powerful, so the good-looking pictures are guaranteed, no matter if you’ve used smartphones with impressive cameras for years and years or if you are only a newbie.

Of course, there are various guides that can help you get the best out of this amazing camera, but if you are only looking to keep things as simple as possible, all the information provided below is more than enough.

Basic Tips for LG G4 Camera:

  • Having focus control is necessary when you’re shooting small subjects close-up, as the AF system may try to focus on the background, so learn more about the Manual mode; if you want good photos, you cannot skip this lesson;
  • Auto mode of the LG G4 is generally excellent, with natural colour, reliable exposure metering and a pretty easy interface, so learn how to use it as well and how to Change Settings in LG G4 Auto Mode;
  • When not using the Auto HDR, the LG G4 slightly tends to overexpose an outdoor photo resulting in an overcast sky. Do not be afraid to use the Auto HDR setting which gets the dynamic range much closer to a high-end dedicated camera;
  • Learn to tap the screen to focus and set exposure levels according to what you select. To go back to autofocus and auto-exposure, you just have to move the camera until it locks onto something else;
  • Do not hesitate to use a microSD card to save all your photos instead of occupying your phone’s internal storage. The microSD slot supports cards as large as 2TB2, so feel free to capture images and videos at their highest possible resolution without even thinking about space. Even more, while being in auto mode, tap the cog icon and verify the icon placed right next to it. An arrow pointing to a phone is the sign that your photos are saved to phone storage, while the arrow pointing to an SD card means that you are saving them to external storage;

With these being said, have fun and start taking photos. You’ve solved the storage space problem, the LG G4 camera’s capture speeds are extremely fast as well, so there’s nothing stopping you from that.

This hopefully explained you anything you didn’t understand, as well as showed you some tips for your LG G4 camera, so start using them! You’ll see by yourself what a lucky smartphone owner you truly are!

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