How to Reinstall Recently Deleted LG G5 Apps

Do you own the new LG G5? I don’t know about you, but coming from an HTC One M7 or a previous Galaxy S or ZTE model, is a major step. The skin LG uses is different, the features have changed dramatically and Marshmallow is amazing, so great things are waiting for you.

Have you ever imagined what your life will be if you lose some of your LG G5 data? This would definitely bring some inconvenience to your life and you might actually be the one responsible. I always advise you to be organized and get rid of what you don’t need, but you might also get carried away when deleting apps on your phone or simply end up changing your mind.

Is there any solution for you? If you’ve ever done this only to realize you actually needed a certain app, some models of the G5 offer the ability to reinstall the apps that you have uninstalled within the last 24 hours.

I mention only some models having the feature, because I have an unlocked model that offers it and I know for sure that the story is similar for Sprint too, while the AT&T version clearly doesn’t have it. So, this is somehow depending on the carrier, but maybe this is your lucky day.

How to Reinstall Recently Deleted LG G5 Apps:

  1. All you have to do is to find an app called “Recently Uninstalled” on your G5;
  2. Now, you must open it;
  3. At that point, you’ll find a list of all the apps that you have uninstalled in the past 24 hours and no later than that;
  4. Tap on the Reinstall button to bring the app back to life on your device;
  5. While being here, you can also tap on the trashcan in the top corner to remove the app from your device altogether.

Be careful about the fact that any uninstalled app is automatically removed from the device 24 hours after it was uninstalled. If you want to reinstall the uninstalled apps, then you must download them once again and things might complicate. And even if you might not like the sound of it, this feature is only activated on the default Home screen.

If you uninstall apps while using the EasyHome screen or other launcher, they are immediately and permanently removed from your LG G5 as well, so be careful or you might regret it later on!

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