How to Speed Up LG G4 in Seconds without Root

There is no mystery regarding the fact that Android smartphones and tablets are faster than ever now, but I know that for some of you this still may not be enough. Are you also looking for an easy way to make your LG G4 Android device even faster?

Here I am to help you once again, so don’t hesitate to continue reading in order to apply this simple procedure.

Well, there are several different ways to speed up your LG G4 phone, most of which require 3rd party applications, rooting your phone, installing the latest custom ROMs and custom recovery images available for your device (for exaple, learn How to Install TWRP Recovery on LG G4 – all versions), or even overclocking your smartphone.

In many of these cases you would require a computer, to follow some preparatory steps and to assume your responsibility for every single step that you are talking and I know that this is not what you have in mind for the moment, especially if you have only entered the Android world.

How to:

So, I am not here to cover any of these procedures. If you are also just a beginner looking for a simple way to speed up  the LG G4 in seconds, but with no knowledge on such complicated operations, fortunately, there is an easy way to it up speed up.

To do so, however, you must be prepared to access your developer options. So, you have to be a developer, so do not hesitate to go into your phone settings, then, you have to select About phone and tap the build number seven times until you see the message: „You’re now a developer” appearing. If you need more details about what this procedure really means and what are the advantages and the dangers of such a thing, read this special guide on How to Easily Enable LG G4 Developer Mode.

Now, you are ready to go:

How to Speed Up your LG G4 in Seconds:

  1. Now that you finally are a “developer,” do not hesitate to take advantage of that and adjust some important developer options:
  2. Go to Settings > Developer Options > Scroll down to Windows Animation Scale, Transitions Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale;
  3. As you can see, all of them are set to 1x, but it’s time to make some changes;
  4. Feel free to decrease all these values; to be more precise, you have to change all the animation settings mentioned above from 1x down to .5x;
  5. This will cut the animations and transition effects in half, so it will significantly speed up the animations of your LG G4 and make them twice as fast as they were;
  6. After applying these changes, restart your device.

That was all! So, what do you think? Do you notice any major improvements? Your LG G4 device not only looks good, but is should also perform great!


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