How to Link your Note 9 with the S Pen

On a first glance, you won’t most likely notice any major differences between the Note 8 and 9, unless you choose one of the more eye-catching color options, so I get your confusion. However, remember that Samsung’s Note family has always been defined by its S Pen tool, and that this year the slim digital stylus matters more than ever. Well, this Pen has always had more functions, such as taking notes, creating GIFs, translating pieces of text you select with the pen or turning it into a drawing tool with a pressure sensitive nib, but now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a brand new S Pen packed with even more handy new features.

Is this even possible? Yes, it is, since it now packs Bluetooth for adding handy features like acting as a remote shutter. All previous pens worked on an electromagnetic basis. You just had to bring them close enough to the screen and it triggered the menus. However, Bluetooth sets the Note 9 S Pen free – or at least within Bluetooth’s 10 metre range – and now controls things like video playback, presentations and even taking photos.

Is this good enough to push Note 8 users to upgrade though? To me it definitely is and I heard no Note 9 user complaining. Quite the opposite, they’ve taken the best decision and since you are one of them too, waste no more time and learn to link your Note 9 with the S Pen.

I am sure that you don’t want to miss any of the exciting things I have told you about and to discover many more, so let’s begin:

How to Link your Note 9 with the S Pen:

  1. At first, access the Settings Menu of your Galaxy Note 9. For that, you can either use the Settings shortcut in the app drawer, or pull down the notification tray and tap the Settings shortcut found there;
  2. After that, tap Advanced Features;
  3. Then, tap the S Pen;
  4. On the next screen, just select S Pen Remote;
  5. While here, you can easily slide the On/Off switch to right to turn the S Pen Remote software on.

Remember that when the phone and stylus are linked, light blue circles radiate from the pen on the S Pen Remote page.

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