Solve Galaxy S8 Not Starting After Doing Software Update

Some of our readers who own the Samsung Galaxy S8 reported that their devices refuse to get started after doing a regular Software Update. Some of them have already tried to reboot the device by doing a power/down volume for 10+ seconds, but the result is unchanged, so what could have happened with such a powerful smartphone?

I am perfectly aware of the fact that your handset might still be within the replacement period and that’s definitely a good thing. That is why you need to know immediately if this problem is temporary and can be fixed by you, so that if it persists after this, then you can go back to the store and have it replaced.

As to the warranty, let me assure you that there is no reason to worry about. I am not here to suggest any procedures that can potentially damage your phone, so waste no more time and take a look at these tips:

Solve Galaxy S8 Not Starting After Doing Software Update:

  1. I am glad that some of you have tried a simulated battery pull and this is what you should all do. The force reboot procedure is the same as that only that you don’t actually pull the battery out of the phone since the Galaxy S8 has a non-removable battery. However, there is a combination of buttons you need to press and hold to simulate the battery; to be more precise, turn your phone off first, next press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power key together for 7 seconds or more;
  2. If the problem was due to a glitch in the system or hardware, there’s a possibility that the phone will boot up normally after doing the combo. Anyway, if this doesn’t fix the problem with your Galaxy S8, then you should proceed with the next step. Clean the charging port of your phone using a can of compressed air;
  3. Also try to charge your phone for at least 15-20 minutes using a charging cord and wall charger that’s been tested to work on another Android handset;
  4. If that’s no good either, then try charging it from a computer USB port. If your phone charges this way, then one of the pins of the charging port could be damaged. You must simply have this checked at a service center;
    In case the phone charges, then proceed to turn it on, but if it doesn’t, then you know what you must do: bring this device to a service center and have it checked.

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