Enjoy iPhone X-like Gesture Control on your Android Device

With the release of iPhone X last year, even those of you who remain faithful to their iPhones had to spend some time getting used to the new flagship. You know that Apple decided to ditch the Home button and replaced it with a series of software-based swipe gestures. I have no doubts that the iPhone X is a polarizing smartphone, so while Android has had software navigation for years, most OEMs haven’t done it the same way as Apple has with the iPhone X handset.

If you are familiarized with an iPhone X, you might be interested in learning how to replicate iOS’s gestures. This is a fluid way to navigate apps on tall, 18:9 displays with small bezels, not to mention that these iPhone X gestures on Android phones can be handy for the users whose hands aren’t big enough to operate smartphones with gigantic screens. Gesture Control is a lightweight Android app that makes everything possible and it is great that it runs on Android 4.1 (and above).

As you can imagine, it provides a variety of iPhone X-like gestures which can be used to go the Home screen, go back, open recent apps, open notifications shade, as well as open quick settings and not only.

However, for the procedure to work, you must have Substratum installed on your device or else you cannot succeed. This is a small price to pay, considering that rooting is not a must.

Enjoy iPhone X-like Gesture Control on your Android Device:

  1. Grab Navbar Height Changer v4 on your device;
  2. Then, take the Gesture Control application;
  3. Install them both;
  4. Now, you must open the Gesture Control application;
  5. Click on the Allow Accessibility service button and you will be redirected to Settings page where you can find Gesture Control;
  6. Now, click on it;
  7. Next, turn on its accessibility service;
  8. Return to the Gesture Control application and click on the Gear icon from the top-right section which will open the Settings of the application;
  9. You must click on the Gestures and actions option from the list;
  10. The gestures have been applied as seen from the screenshot below. You have basic actions like Swipe up to go to home screen, swipe right for notifications and swipe left to go back. You should know that there are even more gestures supported by Gesture Control app, but they can be enabled after upgrading to the Pro version. These include double tap, long tap, and double tap and hold and more;
  11. Now, you can open the Substratum theme engine on your device and find Navbar Height Changer;
  12. You must click on the Height dropdown from the Substratum Overlay Manager;
  13. It’s time to set the Navbar Height to ‘0’ which will hide the navigation bar. Like that, your navbar will be hidden and you will be able to control your smartphone with the gestures that you have set up for your device same as the iPhone X.

This procedure lets users to try iPhone X gestures on their Android phones. If you have some other procedures in mind, drop them in the comments.

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