At A Glance Widget Replacement for your Android Device

Google’s Pixel lineup always manages to impress us thanks to its polished UI. Pixel Launcher is the very core of this unique experience, a home screen app that is often imitated, along with Google’s special “At a Glance” widget. You know all about the launcher, but this widget is the one that can be found at the top of the primary home screen and shows the current weather along with any upcoming calendar events.

Even in these conditions, I want to tellyou that the best At A Glance widget is nothing else than a third-party app known as Another Widget. This gives you the chance to change the fonts, font sizes, to choose which calendar appointments and how many are shown at a time, being able to summarize the information you need most.

Even more, I love that it is color-customizable, which is excellent for anyone who might want something a little bolder than what Pixel can offer. Is this what you also have in mind? If it is, then this detailed tutorial is waiting for you, along with my full help in case of having any doubts or questions. Let’s proceed:

At A Glance widget Replacement for your Android Device:

  1. First of all, you have to grab the Another Widget app that I have told you about and install it on your Android device;
  2. You must now long press your home screen;
  3. ‎The next stp from your procedure is to tap Widgets;
  4. ‎Under Another Widget, press and drag Another Widget to the top of your home screen;
  5. Then, in the configuration screen that appears, you have to scroll down and tap See your Events;
  6. ‎Tap Allow;
  7. ‎Scroll down further and tap Control the Weather;
  8. Now, tap Allow;
  9. ‎You can also scroll down and tap Tap on weather opens;
  10. Tap the weather app you want to open ane enjoy the change. Aren’t things much better this way? Use the comments area or the contact form to let me know what you think.

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