How to Tag your Galaxy S9 Contacts

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 doesn’t just have the best display in the smartphone market, but also a camera like no other from any company and tons of features waiting to be discovered, so I know how excited you must feel these days! Even so, little things that need to be changed, the need for order or managing your contacts with ease are unchanged on this device too.

Your phone’s ability to store contacts makes it a great place to show and keep all people in your business and personal lives. But what should you do about those who don’t necessarily require an actual entry in your contacts? The occasional service provider or that pizza-place that you’d like to order one night are such examples and think that Galaxy S9 has the solution that you are looking for.

Instead of cluttering your contact list (this will eventually happen and wonder who all those people really are), you should better choose to tag calls with a description or name that shows up the next time they call.

Worth noting, they will never appear in your Contacts list, so what do you say about your smartphone’s new option? Do you want to try it out too? In such a case, here’s what you must do:

How to Tag your Galaxy S9 Contacts:

  1. After you field a call from someone, you need to go to the Galaxy S9 Phone app;
  2. Then, you have to tap on Recents;
  3. Tap on the grayed-out head of the caller;
  4. Next, on the next page, just select Add Tag under the caller’s phone number;
  5. You can add a descriptive 25-character tag for your favorite to-go place — such as “sushi” for that hot restaurant that made you forget all about cooking for one evening. This tag will appear on the next call, making sure that no confusions are made and that all associations made in your mind are correct.

What do you think of this feature? Tell me your opinion in the comments area or use the contact form for that.

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