Hide Navigation Bar Buttons on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

With the release of the One UI and Android Pie update to Samsung’s Galaxy devices, along with the release of the Galaxy S10 line, many changes took place. For example, you may now have to ditch Android’s button navigation and rely on gestures if you want to do so.

Is hiding the Navigation Bar Buttons on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus your latest wish as well?

Join the club. Many users simply don’t like Android‘s true button navigation. You may use Samsung’s gesture navigation instead and you will feel the difference. After all, you own such a device and it would be a shame not to enjoy the very best.

Hide Navigation Bar Buttons on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

  1. Head to Settings;
  2. While here, you have to select Display;
  3. Scroll down as you need to enter the Navigation bar section;
  4. Switch to Full screen gestures now;
  5. You’ll see three tabs at the bottom of the screen letting you know where to initiate the gestures for Recents, Home and Back buttons functions. If you don’t want any of these, then you can choose to disable Gesture hints. This will free up a little more space at the very bottom of your screen by hiding those three lines that give you hints where to swipe;
  6. Now, you’ll just have to swipe up where you used to tap. So, you must simply swipe up from the bottom-left to open the multitasking UI, swipe from the middle to go Home, or swipe from the bottom-right to go back;
  7. After you have set everything up, you can switch On and Off the navigation buttons from the quick settings panel. Just make sure that the corresponding tile is added (by default it is there, so you must just swipe to the left to see the second page).

When the Navigation tile is active in the Quick Settings, then the buttons will be displayed at the bottom of the screen and gesture navigation will be disabled. The choice is always yours.

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