Replicate Galaxy S10 Weather Widget on your Android

If you’ve been on the Galaxy S10 in the past few weeks, then you’ve most likely noticed that the handset notifies users about current weather conditions. They just need to tap that notification and get into a proprietary Samsung Weather app. This perfectly complements the rest of One UI. And it even goes into that fresh dark mode with the rest of the interface, if you have that option toggled of course.

And there is one weather widget set on the home screen. Things couldn’t get any better if you own the S10 smartphone, but what if you don’t? If you’re updating the Galaxy S9 or Note 9 to the official One UI beta, then it has an old-school Samsung experience UI clock widget along with new weather widget.

For creating the weather widget that replicated the S10 experience, you need to use the XWidget Pro and your wish will come true. The app comes with an Extra Weather detailed information screen, no ads banner no worry about and access to the whole online gallery and Unlimited download (more than 1800 widgets at the moment and counting). And that’s not all, so you have to try iut out.

Let me help you out with that.

How to Replicate Galaxy S10 Weather Widget on your Android:

  1. At first, you need to download the XWidget Pro app;
  2. Then, you can set up a new widget on your home screen. Choose XWidget of size 4X2;
  3. Now, search S9 in the XWidget for the weather widget;
  4. Here you will see the clock, so you can click on the Edit button and remove the items accordingly;
  5. You should also move all the weather items to the left side;
  6. After making all these changes in the S10 style, click on the Save button;
  7. Tap on the home screen, and that’s pretty much all.

If it looks similar to what you have on S10, then you are good to go. But if it does nor, then you can keep on changing some of the elements size accordingly.

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