Change your OnePlus 6 Notch into Something Awesome

One of the more controversial design choices in the OnePlus 6 handset is the cutout at the top of the display. This bumps the overall screen size to 6.28 inches while retaining the same overall height as the 6.0-inch OnePlus 5T. We know all about the critics of the notch trend, but this makes no different. ASUS, Vivo, OPPO, or Huawei have introduced devices that feature the notch that you may hate or simply dislike and that’s the way things are.

Well, if you happen to own a OnePlus 6 device, you can now change your notch into something awesome. Instead of a guide on how to hide the OnePlus 6 notch, or to bring it back if you decide it’s not so bad, I want to tell you more about a special app this time that can add a battery bar to the notch you dislike.

You may do this with the help of an app created by XDA Developers forum member kumarsid7. The app is called Notch Battery Bar and is available in both free and paid versions on the Google Play Store. What can it do more precisely? Well, you’ve heard it right. You may use the notch as a battery bar on your OnePlus 6phone with this live wallpaper.

And that’s not all…

Do you know that you can also configure the width and height of the battery indicator? Do so to adjust the indicator to the notch as per your preference. The Select background image does what it promises, while the Battery Border toggle lets you enable and configure a border around your screen to go with the notch.

Well, I must warn you about a few things. This border that I have told you about does not take any part in indicating the battery. It changes though colors with the notch battery bar, so it isn’t useless. And this wallpaper app cannot work with other live wallpapers. That’s the price you are paying for getting it.

Could Notch & S10 Battery bar – Live Wallpaper be what you are looking for? And remember that it will work on all devices but there is no point if you do not have a notch. That’s why I find it a perfect match for your OnePlus 6.

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