Pixel 3 XL: Get Calendar and Travel Details at Top of your Home Screen

The Google Pixel launcher that comes pre-installed on Google’s devices brings some unique features that are often ported to other launchers. One of the features is the one called At a glance and I remember how pleased Android users were when they found out that this can be enabled on every Android device via a specific Google app. There’s no reason to worry about such features if you own the new Pixel 3 XL smartphone as the feature is already there, waiting to be used.

Google’s Pixel lineup has found an interesting niche in the Android market. Pixel phones have never offered bleeding-edge designs or cutting-edge specs, and yet they’ve still managed to become fan favorites among the most demanding Android users from the world.

I think that the At a glance feature is a useful addition as it shows the date and current weather. It also reminds you of upcoming events from your calendar. The Pixel Launcher version is also the only one that shows how much time is left to a certain event, while the version provided by the Google app lacks this function. And even better, At a Glance will let you get calendar entries and travel information from Google onto your home screen so they are easy to see.

Do you want that too? Then, just follow the below steps:

Get Calendar and Travel Details at Top of your Home Screen:

  1. First of all, you have to long press on your wallpaper on the home screen;
  2. Then, you need to tap Home screen settings;
  3. Here you’ll find the option to turn on the information you want – calendar, flights, traffic.

Well, you’re probably getting used to your new Pixel 3 XL phone, but it takes time to truly become a master of the Pixel. It would be practically impossible to know about every single feature the device has to offer. That’s why here you can find an entire list of useful Google Pixel tips and tricks to try out and you can let us know if you need more help.

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