How to Set Up Edge Panel on your Galaxy Note 8

The Note 8 is Samsung’s big phone comeback story, making up for the Note 7 disaster that we are all familiar with. This is though a story of old times and now the Note 8 model shines and amazes its buyers. That’s pretty much always the case for Samsung’s all latest devices, so you are lucky for making such a choice!

These are plenty of features that will make you feel like a tech wizard, the ones that will transform you from a simple smartphone user to a handset master and here I have an ideal example. All Samsung’s latest flagship models are equipped with cascading edge screens, so you can take advantage of the Edge Panels that were previously limited to the edge variant of the Galaxy S8‘s predecessors.

The Edge Panels can be extremely useful if you’re looking to save space on the interface, add quick access links to all your favorite contacts, or you like the idea of having a special shelf for oft-used tasks. Don’t you know how to use the curved edges of the Galaxy Note 8’s screen, to free up space for notifications, shortcuts, and more?

Worry no longer as long as here I am to help you.

How to Set Up Edge Panel on your Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Head to the Galaxy Note 8’s Settings menu;
  2. While there, you have to tap Display;
  3. You will immediately see Edge panels, which puts useful tools and shortcuts on the Note 8’s sides, and Edge lighting, which alerts you to notifications with a glowing strip around the Note 8’s screen;
  4. Let me be clear about the fact that the Edge lighting sub-menu offers various customization options. Don’t you want Edge lighting to appear when the screen’s on? Make the change that you feel like being ideal for your device. Do you think of changing the Edge lighting’s width and transparency, or adjusting its color? You can do anyhting that you want;
  5. Dive into the Edge panel menu and you’ll find various shortcuts, apps, as well as third-party utilities to fill the screen’s sides such as:
  • Apps edge puts a list of app shortcuts at your fingertips;
  • People edge gives you one-tap access to important contacts;
  • Clipboard edge shows a list of items that you have recently copied.

Even more, for those who are undecided, let me remind you that deals are now available from all the major retailers and networks, not to mention some exclusive deals that make you think of the possibility of not even waiting for a potential Black Friday deal.

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