How to Delete a WhatsApp message before it is Read

WhatsApp has become one of the most widely used online chats and the truth is that it happened to all of us to send a message and immediately regretted it. Are you know desperately looking for a way to pull it back before it’s read?

Your first chance is to see if the message has already left your phone. Well, a clock icon on your message bubble indicates that the message is waiting and has not yet left your Android device. So, if your message is still showing a clock icon in the bottom-right corner, and you realize that you did not want to send that message, you should better react and turn off mobile Internet connection on your smartphone. This action will simply block the channel and message will remain in your mobile. Then, waste no more time and delete the message from WhatsApp before connecting to the Internet once again.

However, this is a happy case. As soon as the message leaves your handset and reaches the mighty WhatsApp server, the clock icon will change into single tick sign. Up next, the clock icon is gone and there should be no way to hold your message back. It will just reach the recipient and what’s done, it’s done for good (at least in theory).

In such a case, let me tell you more about Delete for Everyone. This is a special functionality which is coming to WhatsApp soon and is currently in testing. Thanks to this feature, when the sender deletes the message for everyone, WhatsApp will delete it in the Notification Center too and the problem will be solved.

It has also been revealed the fact that Delete for Everyone will work with all types of WhatsApp messages, including text messages, videos, images, GIFs, as well as documents.

However, in order for a message to be recalled it needs to have been sent in the past four or five minutes, and it must be removed before the two blue ticks appear (therefore, before the recipient has read it). Be sure that I will be back with fresh details on this topic in the next future.

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