Easily Root HTC One M9

Being the owner of an impressive Android handset such as HTC One M9 generally means that you know that there is more inside, so it’s simply impossible not to think of all those procedures and operations that you can perform in order to take full advantage of its capabilities. So, once again, we are talking about rooting procedures.

Having root access on your One M9 is the beginning of everything that you have ever wanted for your device: like that, you will be able to change and modify in built settings and the internal system according to your own wish, you will have the possibility to remove bloatware, to install custom and so many other complex features, to overclock your Android device, flash custom kernels, or install the latest custom ROMs such as TWRP, CyanogenMod, AOKP or ParanoidAndroid. Furthermore, there are many apps that requires root access in order to work properly and yes, rooting will also help you make Nandroid backups easier than ever.

However, despite of all these advantages, you must keep in mind the fact that by rooting your Android based device, you will lose its warranty. This is an unofficial operation, but fortunately here we have a special guide for you and yes, it will solve this problem.

Before starting, we also recommend you to backup the data which is being saved on the internal storage memory of your device, as the system might get wiped out and don’t forget to enable the USB debugging option on your handset. You can do this by simply entering to Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging.

You must also take care of the battery status; if there is less than 60% power left, then charging the battery is a must or you could regret skipping this step later. As for the computer that you are going to use, there shouldn’t be any security settings or programs (like antivirus or Firewall protection) installed or the procedure won’t work. We have warned you about that, just as we want to warn you about the dangers of applying this guide on any other Android device. The root procedure won’t work and your phone might also get bricked or damaged due to your decision and not ours. Also make sure that USB Drivers for HTC One are installed on your computer.

Apply this guide only if you know how to do it and if there is any step that you don’t understand, ask for our help. After that, it will be too late as we don’t assume any responsibility for your HTC One M9 device.

How to Easily Root your HTC One M9 Smartphone:

  1. For the start, you have to download the root package with the help of this link;
  2. Save it on your computer and don’t unzip it just yet;
  3. Then, connection your One M9 to the computer, so plug in the USB cable (the original one);
  4. It’s time to move the downloaded files on your phone;
  5. Then, simply unplug the USB cord;
  6. Turn off your phone;
  7. Then, reboot into recovery mode;
  8. From recovery tap on “Install” and load the root exploit;
  9. Resume the installation process and have patience while your HTC One M9 is being rooted;
  10. In the end, you must choose “reboot system now”.

There you go! You have successfully rooted your HTC One M9, so let the fun begin!

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