How to Isolate Apps draining the Galaxy S9 Plus Battery

Тhere isn’t much for Samsung to brag about when it comes to battery life on the latest Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone. Like it or not, I have to remind you that the battery life is unchanged from last year: the handset has only a 3000mAh battery and this is no joy for most of its users. Even with fast and wireless charging, things are far from being perfect, yet there are some interesting ways to make the battery last longer.

And yes, I know that Android has built-in controls to prevent apps from using up system resources in the background, but an errant app update could cause it to misbehave and this is not powerful enough for carrying the heavy weight of such a burden. Social media apps, in particular, tend to consume a lot of resources in the background, but these are not the only apps usually draining the juice out of your Galaxy S9 Plus battery.

How to isolate them? Well, it should not be that hard if you are playing your cards right. One of the most efficient ways to take care of your battery is to close the apps that are running in the background, but here’s the first step that you cannot skip:

How to Isolate Apps draining the Galaxy S9 Plus Battery:

  1. At first, turn on your smartphone;
  2. Then, you need to get to the Home screen to navigate the menu;
  3. Tap on Battery option;
  4. Up next, tap on the “Unusual battery consumption” option;
  5. You will then see a list of apps that are using most of the battery life, so the problem is half solved. I know that it might be a big step for you, yet taking care of your device in such a way is a must, so don’t postpone what needs to be done now on your Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone.

With these being said and done, let me know if you need any extra help! I am eager to come up with a suggestion!

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