Download Pixel 3 Launcher APK on your Android

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are still the best Google devices you can find in the market right now, but some of us think even further than that. Do you want to get a taste of the Pixel 3? Well, there is a way to do that! I must tell you from the very start that the upcoming phone’s launcher is available to download. There is no secret that Google likes to update the Pixel Launcher with every release of new Pixel devices, so how not to want to take a peek?

This updated Pixel Launcher was discovered by none other than the XDA Senior Member paphonb, a member of the team behind the Lawnchair launcher, as well as the very own developer of the Rootless Pixel 2 Launcher. He had intended at one point to release a modified version of the launcher ripped from the Android Studio emulator image, but some serious bugs caused a delay.

However, at this point, here you can find the APK that has been ported to work on several Android handsets. I just want to tell you that the new Pixel 3 Launcher APK comes with a few subtle, yet beautiful changes that I am sure you will love to discover (in case of applying the below steps, of course).

Note that you can install it on both rooted and non-rooted handsets, but the idea is that your device must run on Android Oreo or Android Pie. Even more, you must not have Google Pixel Launcher installed already and no matter what your plans may be, it will not work on Google Pixel devices. Don’t say that you have not been warned about that as I am sure that you have no intention to waste your time.

And like it or not, some features like the smart shortcuts in the app drawer won’t work on your Android Oreo device since the App Actions API was introduced only in Android Pie.

Detailed procedure:

  1. Firstly, you have to download the Pixel-3-Launcher.apk;
  2. Copy the downloaded Pixel 3 Launcher APK to your handset;
  3. Enable Unknown Sources in Settings. This is normally located in the Settings > Security section of your phone. But, if you are using a heavily customized version of Android such as EMUI and MIUI, there are chances to find the settings in a different place;
  4. Open a file manager of your choice;
  5. Up next, go to the folder where you have copied the Pixel 3 Launcher APK file;
  6. Tap on it to install it;
  7. Don’t you imagine that the new Google Search bar is directly changed to the new style. You are the one who has to tweak a few settings, so go to Launcher Settings;
  8. Find your way into Customization > Enable New search bar style. Only now you’ll get the new Google Search bar layout on your handset.

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