How to Unlock Bootloader of your Oppo F1

Oppo F1 is a very popular midranger device and I am sure that owning it seems like a great choice for the moment. However, as an Android user, I can only imagine that you have a positive attitude towards everything that it is new and exciting, that you love to experiment, therefore I can only encourage you to unlock the bootloader of your Oppo F1.

Don’t you know how to perform this procedure? Wait no more since the process that will unlock your Oppo F1 is here described. Let me remind you that a backup is mandatory for this procedure to go well as this will wipe all data. Backup is always recommended, therefore do not skip this step.

Even more, you must use a computer on which you must temporarily turn off security protection as some antivirus related tools might interfere with the unlock process. Since we are at this chapter, let me remind you that Oppo’s USB drivers must be installed on your computer too in order to be able to detect your Oppo F1 when connected via USB cable. You can manually install them from here.

Then, enable USB debugging mode by entering into Menu->Settings->Developer options ->USB debugging. If you don’t see the Developer option, then go to Settings->About Phone and tap 7 times on the Build number. This will make the Developer option appear in the Settings menu and will let you enable it.

And even if this means postponing the procedure, you have to keep the battery percentage above 60% if you want to prevent any potential shut-down. Don’t say that this is your lucky day and nothing bad will happen because a simple mistake could lead to a disaster.

After all, unlocking the bootloader of your Oppo F1 is an unofficial process that will make you lose your phone’s warranty. Also, the operation must be considered risky and complex, which means that only experienced Android users should consider performing the steps from below. However, if you don’t do it, you are into huge trouble. Remember that desire for more that I was telling you about? Unlocking the bootloader is a must when you will try to perform other custom operations like gaining root access, installing a custom recovery image or flashing a custom ROM file.

How to Unlock Bootloader of your Oppo F1:

  1. Download the file on your computer;
  2. Make no mistake of extracting it at this point;
  3. Connect your Oppo F1 to computer via the original USB cord;
  4. Then, you can transfer the file on your phones internal or external storage;
  5. Power off your Oppo F1;
  6. Start Oppo F1 in fastboot mode by holding Volume Up + Power key for 5 sec and releasing it;
  7. Now the Language menu will appear. So, choose English with the Volume key and confirm with the Power key;
  8. Once you see the main menu of recovery mode, go to the install from storage option by using Volume keys and selecting it with the Power key;
  9. Now, find your way to to the file which you’ve copied earlier and select it to flash;
  10. This will make the boot loader unlockable and brings fastboot to your Oppo F1 smartphone.

If you faced any trouble or have anything to say about this procedure, just drop your comment below. And don’t hesitate to share the post with friends.

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