Flash TWRP Recovery on Various Galaxy S6 Versions (China, Korea, T-Mobile, US Cellular and more)

Your waiting time is over now as you can easily Flash TWRP recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S6. There is no mystery on the fact that TWRP is a very popular touch-based custom recovery, so we think that it doesn’t really need any sort of presentation.

On the contrary, we just want to remind you that it offers the ability to flash the most recent custom ROMs available for your Galaxy S6, to take Nandroid backups, restore ROMs and a lot more; so here we are to guide you through the installation process of TWRP recovery for various models of SGS6 such as China, Korea, T-Mobile, US Cellular and more.

However, before proceeding, note that gaining root access in this situation is a must – rooting voids your device warranty and you won’t receive any future official software or firmware updates, so be prepared to face the consequences of your actions. And there are also a few things that you must take care of. To be more precise, you have to deactivate the security protection from your PC, create a backup of all your important data and download USB Drivers for Samsung Galaxy S6.

Don’t forget to enable USB Debugging on your Galaxy S6 and make sure your device is at least 60% charged. And proceed if your device model no. is listed here: SM-G920F (International- European), SM-G920I (International/Asia- India, Singapore, Australia, US, Latin America, etc.), SM-G9200 (China Dual SIM), SM-G9208 and SM-G9209 (China), SM-G920K, SM-G920L and SM-G920S (Korea), SM-G920R4 (US Cellular), SM-G920T (T-Mobile), SM-G920T1, SM-G920W8, SM-G920W8 (Canadian). You can see that the list is very generous, but be careful; it doesn’t include the Sprint, Verizon or AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 versions just yet!

For installing TWRP recovery on International model of Samsung Galaxy S6 check this dedicated step by step guide.

And also keep in mind that AndroidFlagship takes no responsibility for any damage that may occur to your Samsung Galaxy S6 while installing or using TWRP. You should know from the start that the guide that we have here is considered risky, so follow it at your own responsibility! And if there is anything that you don’t understand, just ask for our help!

How to Easily Flash TWRP Recovery on Various Galaxy S6 Versions:

  1. Download Odin – from any source you want;
  2. Download the TWRP recovery file (with .tar extension) for your Galaxy S6 by using this link;
  3. Also take the SuperSU flashable zip from here;
  4. It’s time to transfer the UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.xx.zip file in your smartphone.
  5. Turn off your Galaxy S6;
  6. Reboot it into the Download Mode by pressing the Volume Down+Home+Power keys at the same time for no more than 3-5 seconds. When you see the warning screen with exclamation sign, press the Volume up key;
  7. Extract all the files from Odin3_v3.10.6.zip into a folder on desktop and also transfer the TWRP Recovery Image file in that folder;
  8. Double-click on Odin.exe in order to launch the program in your computer;
  9. Establish a connection between your Galaxy S6 and the computer with the help of the original USB cord;
  10. Now, Odin will immediately show a port number in the ID:COM box which tells us that the Samsung smartphone is successfully connected;
  11. Click the AP button in tool;
  12. Browse the twrp- file and select it;
  13. Click on Start and let the process complete; at the end, you should see a PASS message in ODIN;
  14. Remove the USB cable from your Galaxy S6 and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons for about 7 seconds;
  15. When the screen turns off, you must press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons simultaneously. When you see the Samsung Galaxy S6 logo, release the Power key, still but keep the other two buttons pressed until the TWRP menu appears – you can also learn how to access recovery mode here;
  16. Tap the Install button in TWRP, go to UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.xx.zip and select it;
  17. Confirm the installation;
  18. Go to the main menu in TWRP and tap on Reboot>System.

If you face any type of error during this guide, please contact us by using the comments area from below or the contact form. We’ll be back with an immediate response and like that you can also help others by sharing information related to your Samsung Galaxy S6 Android smartphone.

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