Tips on How to Extend Your Handset`s Battery Life

Our smartphone`s battery is the motor that keeps things going and let us use the device at its full capacity. But what we don’t realize is that the more functionality we store into our device, the more power we would need, and our battery might suffer from the heavy usage. Thus, we need to find out how we can extend the life of our smartphone`s battery in order to perform better and stay healthy. This article will give us a look inside on the type of the battery we use and its capacity running at a certain point, followed by some basic tips, along with some professional advice on how to take proper care of our battery and how to extend its life. To start with, the battery incorporated in our smartphone uses the new concept lithium-ion based, which is totally different than the old fashioned nickel-metal-hydride battery, which made us completely discharged our old phones in order to get a full 100% charge. But the idea that rises is: “How do we keep our battery stronger and last longer? What tips and advice we might be getting in order to accomplish this matter? Well, let`s start with some basic tips about properly extending our smartphone`s battery.

The “Turn It Off” Method

Perhaps you think that this “turn off” method might be an old one, but it is still one of the best method of preserving and extending the life of your battery. This method seems to function just well, and I might considering it the No.1 method, especially when you`re outside an area which your phone`s network cannot cover. In case you are too eager to turn it off, than you might just need to deactivate some features or apps that might juice up your battery. You may return later to full functionality when you are on an active area again.

To understand what I really mean by your smartphone`s full functionality, I am referring to those features you use every day like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, that are heavily consuming your battery in a very short period of time. Above all, don’t use connectivity featuring 4G LTE, when a 3G network will work just fine for you.

Also, make sure your smartphone isn’t on vibrations, or your screen doesn’t use any widgets, animated or live wallpapers, and also do not watch any videos or play games. Believe me, been there, done that! VERY IMPORTANT: Even if the capacity of your battery is higher than 50%, it is better off these functionalities when out-venturing yourself into an uncover area!

Don’t Make Use of Internet Connectivity

We all enjoy having non-stop connectivity on our smartphones and everywhere we go we want to keep in touch with the world out there, hear from news, or want to stay tuned for some push-up mail alerts or even chit-chat with our friends on Facebook or other social networks.

There is also a common problem associated with the GPS being turned on and that is it can consume the battery very easily, followed by alerts that lets you know your location. You`d better turn it off before you run out of battery. And since the smartphone is equipped with a built-in Battery saver feature that allows you to turn off all the unnecessary features, you would definitely might want to use it.

Manage Your Screen for More Battery Saver

Smartphone these days seem to get bigger and bigger, with 5- or 6-inch display that bares more and more functionalities. If you didn’t know, the display is the main battery consumer. You can see exactly what causes battery eating by just hitting the “Settings”, go the “Battery”, or access “Settings” and then hit the “About phone” section and touch “Battery use”.

Tips on How to Extend Your Handset`s Battery Life

Tips on How to Extend Your Handset`s Battery Life

The first thing you should do in saving your battery life would be reducing the brightness of your screen. To do that, just go to “Settings’ and then “Display”. Make it as low as you can, otherwise you will see your screen keep turning itself off, and that my friend, could be very frustrating.

We have just seen some of the most frequent tips that we can use to save our battery and extend its life. Let`s head on with some more important tips that can make our smartphones or tablets` battery life healthier and working properly.

Advanced Tips on How to Extend Your Handset`s Battery Life

The proper carrying of our lithium-ion batteries nowadays will lead to an improvement of its functionality. It is exactly like taking care of your car when changing the oil or keep it run smoothly. The same happens with our smartphone`s battery, we have to keep a clear record of the charging process and exposing it to different temperature levels.

Tips on How to Extend Your Handset`s Battery Life

Tips on How to Extend Your Handset`s Battery Life

1. Keep the Battery Level between 40-80%

Since the new generation of smartphones run on lithium-ion batteries and not on the old nickel-metal-hydride type, do not in any circumstances let your battery dry out of energy, as it will negatively affect its life. Just try to maintain your percentage around 40% and make sure you do not charge your phone to a “complete 100%”, as our source also confirms. Keeping the battery between 40 to 80 % is the best way of maintaining it optimized for a better functionality.

In terms of temperature, lithium-ion batteries can become seriously unstable under zero degrees, as well as above 30 degrees, and if you keep it on these circumstances, let`s say for the whole winter, you will ruin it forever. Keep it on a hot 30 degree day, and it might get fire.

However, when buying a smartphone or a new battery, the shipment comes with some safety measures that takes care of this situation. I am talking about a built-in self-destruct circuits that have the property of disabling the battery in an instant in case of any explosion. Thus, you might be able to get a fresh new one.

2. Avoid Getting Your Smartphone Becoming Hot at Any Cause

Heat is dangerous for your lithium-battery and you must do all it takes to avoid this “hot” situation. One important thing you should do – something that unfortunately, I always do – do not talk at your phone when charging. I also play games on my smartphone while charging; well, NEVER DO IT! The resources of the gaming would heat you battery, which might be causing risks of fire. In case your device becomes hotter and hotter, just make sure you end the game and restart your phone. Another useful advice: in the summers when it`s hot outside, make sure your handset doesn’t stay in the sun; remember me to follow this rule next time we meet.

3. Properly Keep Your Battery in a Stored Place

Whatever you decide not to use for the next couple of weeks or months, be it a battery or something else that implies the use of lithium-ion, make sure you find a hidden place to store it. Batteries that are not used for a long period tend to degrade in time, if they are not kept in a safe place, meaning a secured place, out of the light and at an ideal temperature. Also, when storing your battery, make sure it is 40% usable.

4. Don’t Forget to Calibrate Your Battery Once a Month

Since my smartphone`s battery is not calibrated every month, the battery device always shows me that I have only got 50% life to use. In fact, it doesn’t show me the correct battery power, as I don’t always follow up the rules. Surely, you will get to learn something from this article.

To successfully calibrate or re-calibrate your battery every month, you need to discharge your battery completely to 0%. I know, you will tell me: ”But you advised us not to fully discharge it like you used to with your old fashioned nickel-metal-hydride-running battery!” Well yes, but this is a particular situation that demands a gentle approach.

So, discharge it from 0 and recharge it until it hits 100%. This will recalibrate your batter to show you the exact amount of time left until next recharge. NOTE: It will not harm your phone, as long as you do it, let`s say, at the end of each month.


Well guys, we have been through a series of talking about what the lithium battery is, what tips we should know in order to extend its life and we have also learned important stuff, stuff I didn’t use to know before, about not talking at the phone when charging, or making sure the device stays off the sun, when it is hot outside. Not to mention safely store it when not using it for a long time, and how to successfully calibrate the battery once a month. To truly state, I also had the opportunity of learning a lot of interesting stuff about my battery myself. Hope you found the article interesting! See you soon with fresh news! Don’t forget to write! Cheers!

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    Mr. Huma – If you have been teaching English for ten years, please ask someone else to proofread your copy before posting it online. Your spelling and grammatical errors don’t seem to show evidence of your acumen on that subject.

    In regards to the information provided in the above article, you state, to paraphrase, that recalibrating the phone battery will show the exact amount of time left until the next recharge. First of all, my Galaxy S6 has never shown me the ‘exact amount of time left until the next recharge.’ When I do charge the battery, pulling down the top notification bar will provide me with an ‘approximate amount of time until fully charged.’

    I would suggest that it is impossible to predict the amount of time until a full 100% charge or how much time is left until the next recharge. There are simply too many variables since there are background processes running both while charging or while operating between charges. The amount of time that will pass until your phone needs to be recharged depends completely on what you do with your phone, i.e. calls, messaging, gaming, texting, background processes, etc.

    Please feel free to provide credible evidence to support your supposition.

    Then again, I don’t believe everything I read and love to challenge authors who believe everything they write.

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