Customize your Galaxy S9 Always On Display

The latest Samsung Galaxy S9 has the best display ever seen on a smartphone, as industry experts at DisplayMate Technologies concluded after testing the latest Android flagship offered by the Korean company and we couldn’t agree more on that.

The smartphone in case comes with the highest absolute color accuracy of any handset ever, the level of automatic brightness controls is impressive, being powered by dual ambient light sensors installed on both front and back panels, not to mention that it is already certified by the UHD Alliance for Mobile HDR Premium, the device being capable of playing 4K UHD content and supporting a high dynamic range on par with that of the best TVs found on the market.

And you get an Always On Display once again, as you are used to enjoy from previous versions. This guide is exactly about that and I come with a fresh advice for you: don’t hesitate to customize your Always On Display to show a world clock so you can always know what time it is in all your favorite cities, to display the perfect information that makes your day brighter, so let me help you.

This detailed guide is exactly what you need:

Customize your Galaxy S9 Always On Display:

  1. Navigate to Settings;
  2. Up next, you need to search for and select Always On Display;
  3. While here, to turn Always On Display on or off, all you must do is to touch the slider;
  4. You may also select Home button and clock in order to show Home button and a clock or information on the standby screen;
  5. From Settings > Clock and FaceWidgets, you can also touch Clock style, and then customize how the clock appears on your phone; so, select the desired Clock style – it can be horizontal, digital, analog, as well as a world clock or even a photo can be displayed.
  6. As a tip, if you ever get bored and want something different, you may download New Styles. Therefore, you should choose a theme for your phone’s display and I can assure you that there are various graphics and animations available for download. How to get these? Well, from a Home screen, touch and hold an empty area, then feel free to touch Themes. Tap AOD, swipe up to view the available AODs and finally, select the AOD you want to download. Touching Download is all that you need, so enjoy your new styles.

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