How to Unbrick HTC One M9

Bricking or damaging your Android device is not an uncommon situation, but on the contrary, things like that tend to happen all the time.

If the handset that you own is none other than the HTC One M9 and this is the situation that you are in, then you are most probably looking for a proper method for unbricking it as soon as possible; thus I am here to help you.

That is why I have developed this dedicated step by step guide, but first of all, there are some things that I want to be clear about from the start: do you know how did you get in such a situation and what bricking your One M9 really means?

So, let me tell you that you can damage your HTC One M9 or soft brick it when applying unofficial operation or when trying to unchain its performances. I am referring to procedures such as unlocking the bootloader, rooting, installing custom ROMs, overclocking the CPU, flashing custom kernel, and so on.

All these tasks aren’t official and the warranty of your phone will get void when applying the same, which means that if something bad happens you can’t take your device back to service for technical assistance, but you are the one who has to unbrick the handset.

Before starting these unbricking procedures, keep in mind that you might need a computer if you will try to downgrade or reinstall the stock Android OS, so prepare it from the start by deactivating the antimalware tools installed there as they might stop you from applying any of these procedures. You must also find the original USB cable for establishing the connection between your One M9 device and the PC and enable Developer Options by going into Settings>> About phone and tapping on Build number seven times;

You must also enable USB Debugging mode, so enter into Settings>> Developer options and tick the USB Debugging checkbox placed under Debugging section, make a backup of your precious data and to plug in the charger especially if there is less than 60% power left.

How to Unbrick your HTC One M9 Device:

Perform a hard reset
I want to tell you from the start that most of the problems that you are experiencing such as bugs, lags, boot loops, the impossibility of taking calls or sending messages, force closes errors, battery drain problems and more can be resolved with a simple hard reset.

Here you can find a tutorial on How to hard reset your One M9, but if you haven’t been successful and the issues are still there, I have another solution:

Enter recovery mode
If the first suggestion did not help fixing your bricked device, then entering recovery mode might be the key to your problem. You can use the hardware buttons and if you have broken one of hardware keys, then enter recovery mode by using ADB. This guide on How to boot HTC One M9 in Recovery Mode will help you all the way.

Install stock Android OS on your One M9
Do not hesitate to downgrade your Android smartphone to stock firmware. You can find a special guide on How to Update HTC One M9 using Official Android Firmware and yes, this procedure has proven to be a success more than once!

What else can you do in order to unbrick your HTC One M9? The xda-developers offer us even more solutions and as strange as they might sound, there are cases when they work:

  • Press on Volume up and down at the same time; also press power key and keep pressing all these buttons for at least 90 seconds. Your phone should eventually vibrate or respond in some matter. Repeat this operation several times with long waits in between for being able to resolve the issues that you are experiencing;
  • Take your One M9 and put it up to a bright light such as a lamp bulb. While doing this, simply hold power button for about 15 seconds, then press power and volume down / up buttons until your phone reboots;
  • If the smartphone get damaged while the USB cord was plugged in, wait a few minutes in order to ensure that the process I am talking about isn’t running any more. Then unplug the USB cable and your One M9 should reboot.

Is there anyone else out there having any other suggestion for fixing the HTC’s new flagship that appears to be bricked? The comments area is waiting for you!

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2 Responses

  1. Masry Elmasry says:

    I can’t fine the official rom 2.11.1405.16. It’s for China. Can you help me?

    I have a big problem with my HTC ONE M9. I used a custom rom and I tried to get beck to stock rom without any back up of custom or stock rom. I lost everything and I tried more but I couldn’t do anything. The situation now is that I stuck in the logo with no recovery mode or bootloader mode. just download mode. S ON, RELOCKED, Software Modified.
    I need your help. A friend of mine bought it for me from China.

    • Imtiaz Mannan says:

      I have the same problem with my htc one m9. I haven’t been able to fix it. Totally bricked.

      I tried to get it repaired from a phone technician with no luck. They couldn’t fix it. That’s the problem with htc smartphones.

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