How to Disguise Galaxy S10E Circle Hole Punch

This year, Samsung opted for hole-punch cameras on the front of the Galaxy S10 line. Well, it’s impossible to expect all users to love the change. The hole-punch camera cutout on the Galaxy S10E is something you can love or hate, that’s for sure. If you’re among those who can’t deal with the hole-punch cutout, I am not here to make you change your mind.

You can easily open the Settings app on the Galaxy S10E device and go to Display > Full screen apps. In here, you just have to slide the switch next to Hide front camera to the On position. After doing so, the screen should flash as the interface arranges the items on it to accommodate the black bar.

However, instead of immediately hiding the cutout, users are beginning to give it a shot. They basically use it as a prop in custom wallpapers. It’s all about a matter of disguising the Galaxy S10E Circle Hole Punch and trust me when I say that there are some awesome wallpapers designed to specifically to show off the cutout.

A more creative solution

So, while some of you are determined to “get rid of” it, others are choosing a more creative solution in the form of wallpapers. On Reddit, there’s a sub dedicated entirely to S10 wallpapers that fellow users have created precisely with this purpose in mind. If you don’t trust me, check it out by yourself.

Take your time to browse through the various user-generated wallpapers, or request one you’d like to see made if your Photoshop skills are lacking. When you find the perfect one, save the image to your phone, then set it as your wallpaper. And make sure you uncheck the Motion Effect option, otherwise it won’t line up right.

Additionally, Samsung is encouraging the trend by creating a dedicated storefront in the Galaxy Store app. So, just open the Galaxy Store app and the very first category should be “Cutout Wallpapers for the S10.”

If it’s not, you can go to My Galaxy > Themes and find the wallpaper section there. Right now, all wallpapers in this section cost a small fee, but I am sure that this will change over time.

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