How to Use 30sec Exposure on LG G5

LG’s G5 gives users the chance to fully experience the joy of photography – this is not something that only the company claims, but the users see it too. The camera hardware is surprising, the software seems to be perfectly updated for these days, and the camera app is easy to use even by those who are not professionals.

Another thing that LG has done right is include a slew of manual controls built into the camera app. They’ve put them behind a simple interface and made them accessible to anyone, despite of the fact that that you might be a pro or still an amateur at this point. And you know that the joy of a proper manual mode is being able to control the white balance, focus, exposure, ISO, shutter speed and AE-L, as well as to use settings an Auto mode wouldn’t touch.

Let me give you an example of that: do you know that the LG G5 can keep its shutter open for up to no less than 30 seconds? This means that it actually merges all the light information from that half-minute stint into a single image.

There are some very cool things you can do with this, but if you want to avoid chaos and mistakes, then you must use something like a big clump of a sticky stuff you use for hanging posters in order to make a little stand for the phone or even a tripod if you’ve got one already and you aren’t in a creative mood.

I don’t know about you, but I know what my favorite use of the long-exposure photography really is: I am talking about shooting a road, where car lights turn into streaming neon lines, and creating noise-free night shots that almost look like daylight photos. But this isn’t the only use out there, and you still have plenty of things to discover on your own!

What else can you do with your LG G5 camera? You can Change LG G5 Photo and Video Resolution even if the the rear camera sensors of this handset are in 16:9 format, you have the chance to Use LG G5 Timeline View and Memories View in order to capture more of your surroundings – which is ideal in open spaces, you can Save LG G5 Images in RAW File Format for better results, learn how to Use LG’s G5 Manual Mode or discover all its seven shooting modes.

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