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Are you thinking of some sort of a magical trick to put the weather channel in your pocket? What’s the weather like today? What’s the temperature this morning? Will it rain in the afternoon? – you aren’t the only one thinking of all these, just as you aren’t the only one messing up an entire day due to a few bad clothing decision (not to mention the umbrella that stays with you mostly in those sunny days when you don’t actually need it).

What you do not need is to search ‘today’s weather’ anymore as an app such as the local Weather today got you covered. This Android app that I am telling you about is great for users looking to check weather in multiple places or in a single location.

For example, I know people who also want to check out the weather in areas other than theirs to see what the weather is going to be for their kids and friends who live in other states. All they have to do is to add the places where they live, and scroll sideways to see what’s going on across the country even if the app is designed with the idea of local weather in mind.

Even more, I have to warn you from the start that the app that I am telling you about doesn’t come with a lot of detail, but I don’t think it is meant to and I personally like to keep things very simple. You get a simple background broken up with big pictures and charts about temperature, wind, humidity and so on and I can say that overall, the visuals are beautiful and relaxing.

At the same time, I am aware of the fact that there are various widgets and third-party weather apps that can do the very same thing, but do they all look like iOS? No, you are making no confusion as long as the local Weather today is for Android, but if you have recently made the transition to this OS, this will smooth up your change.

Grab the local Weather today and don’t waste anymore time! For that, feel free to use this direct Google Play link.

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