Annotate and Search across Journal Articles with Mendeley

If you already use Mendeley Desktop to manage your research citations and collaborate with classmates, then you will find the Mendeley app as being very familiar. You know that these days an Android tablet or a smartphone is as essential for school or college as a backpack.

After all, the app is a PDF reader that lets you annotate and search across the journal articles you need for your paper or your class readings, directly on your mobile device. Once you’re back at your computer, the app will also sync your mobile notes to keep you organized. Taking in consideration all these, I make no mistake by saying that the app is not only designed for students, but also for researchers, as well as for academics. It doesn’t really matter if you are writing your dissertation, if you are organizing your literature for easy retrieval, or if you have to read journal articles on the go, but Mendeley can help with all these and much more.

With the help of this app, you can annotate PDFs with sticky notes and highlights, easily search your library for keywords in the Title, Authors, Publication or Abstract, save your favorite PDFs to your Mendeley library from other apps or your web browser, sync annotations & documents across all your Android devices, download or remove PDFs on demand, in order to easily manage device storage space, or even use it offline during your commute, and sync when you have connection.

Is Mendeley something willing to take in consideration? Use this download link to take it on your Android handset right away.

And if you are new to Mendeley and never tried it up to now, then don’t hesitate to also create a free account at and download Mendeley Desktop to easily import your existing library from Endnote, Zotero, Readcube or RefMe. And if you have no more than one folder of PDFs, simply drag and drop them into Mendeley Desktop. That’s how easy things are with Mendeley, so think twice before refusing it!

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