How to Root Sprint Galaxy S7 on Marshmallow

Are you looking for a way to root your Sprint Galaxy S7 on Marshmallow? Once again I am talking about an Xda member known as colormedroid – as you can imagine right from the start – and he has found an workaround that uses the files originally meant for the AT&T variant of the S7 to achieve root privilege on the Sprint version of the handset as well.

Before starting making any changes, please check and confirm your phone’s model number: Go to Settings on your phone, then scroll down to About device or About phone and tap on it and note the Model number; you can continue only if it is SM-G930P. Then, there are some essential preparatory steps that you cannot skip.

So, first of all, enable the USB Debugging Mode from inside the Developer Options menu so when you connect it to the computer the Android software allows to make developmental changes. Then, go to the Developer Options and enable OEM Unlock, just as you have to download and install the USB drivers for Samsung Galaxy S7 in your computer.

Make sure to take a backup of any important files on your smartphone if you still want to use them later on and keep in mind that there are other details that you should know as well. Rooting your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone using this guide is going to void the warranty and there is always the risk of bricking the device in case of making a mistake, as harmless as it might seem.

Even more, ensure that your Samsung Galaxy S7 carries more than 70% of charge or your handset is doomed right from the start.

How to Root Sprint Galaxy S7 on Marshmallow:

  1. Take the Odin tool modified by Princecomsy from here;
  2. Enter here and also download the modified boot image file for Sprint Galaxy S7 (SM-G930P);
  3. Download the SuperSU root package: by using this link;
  4. Also, download the following file and copy it to your phone’s internal or external storage:;
  5. Install BuildProp Editor app on your phone – grab it from here;
  6. Also install the FlashFire app;
  7. Open the Package Disabler Pro app and find the following app packages by typing the package name in the search bo and disable them:
    samsung dm phone interface
    samsung dm service
  8. Then, you need to turn off your handset;
  9. Now, boot it into the Download Mode;
  10. Open the Odin folder and launch Odin PrinceComsy.exe as an administrator;
  11. Connect your phone to your computer using the original USB cable;
  12. Wait until the ID:COM port on Odin turns blue;
  13. After that, click AP button in Odin;
  14. Go to the g930a folder and select the file with .tar extension.odin-flash-modified-boot-sprint-s7;
  15. Then, you have to click the Start button in Odin;
  16. Have patience until the file is installed;
  17. Then, your phone will reboot automatically;
  18. Open the SuperSU-v2.76-S7QC folder and double click the root.bat file;
  19. Doing so will run the root script and will install SuperUser on your S7;
  20. If the script runs and roots your S7 successfully, your phone will reboot by itself;
  21. In order to fix the LTE connection which stopped working after rooting, you have to launch the BuildProp Editor app on your phone and open the build.prop file;
  22. Find the following entries in the build.prop and make these changes in their values:
    ro.cdma.default_numeric=310000 to 310120
    ro.cdma.default_alpha=Chameleon to Sprint to Sprint
  23. Do not forget to grant root access when you’re prompted to do so;
  24. Save the changes and reboot your phone for the changes to take effect;
  25. You have previously downloaded the file from above and now, it’s time to copy it to your phone;
  26. Now Open FlashFire app and grant it root access when you are asked to;
  27. Tap the + button at the bottom-right corner and then tap click on Flash ZIP or OTA option;
  28. Leave the options alone and tap the check in the top-right corner of the screen;
  29. Scroll until getting to the Flash option and tap it;
  30. Your phone will reboot and flash the zip;
  31. Now, you must go to Settings;
  32. Enter into Lock screen and security> Other security settings;
  33. Go to Security policy updates and turn off Automatic updates and Wi-Fi only options;
  34. Now, it’s time to reboot your phone;
  35. Open the Package Disabler Pro app again, search for “software update” and disable and com.wssyncmldm;
  36. At the end, reboot your device once more to let the changes take place.

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