Galaxy S9 finally comes with its own Pair of Stereo Speakers

At first, I have been fascinated by Samsung’s Galaxy S9 look. Those sophisticated hues, including Midnight Black, Coral Blue and Lilac Purple, the glossy shades coat on the sides and back of the phone – all made me feel the proud owner of a device that looks hot. Really hot. Some might argue that the Samsung Galaxy S9 looks a lot like last year’s Galaxy S8 at first glance, but I have one advice for you: don’t be fooled.

There are a ton of new features to play with on this Galaxy S9 smartphone and advantages that you must recognize. I am talking about a redesigned fingerprint scanner that sits below the camera, major camera improvements, the possibility to access your phone easily and quickly with convenient technology that combines face recognition and iris scanning, while the new Samsung DeX Pad captured everyone’s interest. What about the fact that the handset has stereo speakers and these speakers feature Dolby Surround tuned by acoustics company AKG, which is owned by Samsung?

How do you like the sound of that? The smartphone that you own finally comes with its own pair of stereo speakers, just like we have all waited for quite a while. And that reassuring “tuned by AKG” spec makes me fell pleased by my choice.

Does the Galaxy S9 sound better than the previous Galaxy S8? Samsung states that you can hear the action crisper and louder this time as these stereo speakers offer pure sound that’s actually no less than 1.4x more powerful than previous Galaxy phones.

It’s difficult for us, as users to confirm that sound that’s 1.4x more powerful or only 0.4x than any previous Galaxy phone that we have used, yet to my ear, they sound indeed a little bit better. After all, Galaxy S8 was amazing at this chapter too.

The point is that when you basically watch Atmos-optimized content, the audio seems to physically surround you. It’s amazing and you should try it out too.

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