How to Fix Pink and Green Lines on Samsung Galaxy S7 Display

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone is a real wonder – I am not the only one saying that, but most users agree with that. While Samsung has gotten rid of unused settings, it has also decided to improve those features that users actually use, it has added more and made the device even more beautiful, so what more to be asking for?

However, since I received my unit months ago, I must also admit that I’ve had several persistent problems with it. How did things got here? Well, Samsung claimed that its Galaxy S7 is a water proof device, but this is not the case. Samsung Galaxy S7 is only water resistant, so if you have soaked your precious handset into water for a long time, then be sure of the fact that there will be some issues like moisture detected in charging port and not only (for such situations, it’s always better to know What to do when you Drop an Android Device into water).

After a few days (if not even sooner than that) your phone’s AMOLED screen will be showing pink and green lines and if that’s not treated, that will lead to a dead AMOLED panel. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

If yes, what to do in such a case? I personally switched the phone off for an hour and turned it back on. The annoying lines were gone at that point, but every now and then they re-appear like purple/grey barcoded vertical lines. From the display settings on Galaxy S7, you can also try to change the adaptive display or AMOLED cinema to AMOLED photo or basic mode. This will help to decrease the intensity of pink or green tint appearing on your screen, but the problem is not completely gone.

In order to fix pink and green lines appearing on your Samsung Galaxy S7, the best thing to do is to contact Samsung or the vendor from where you have bought your device in the first place. Do not hesitate to claim the 1 year warranty to get your AMOLED screen completely replaced or in worst case, they have to replace your smartphone unit entirely (this is free of any cost only if your device is still under warranty).

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