Grab Working Google Camera App with Night Sight Mode on OnePlus 6

The new Pixel 3 doesn’t really seem to be targeted at enthusiasts looking at spec sheets, or those who like to try out innovative new hardware features.

This isn’t what you are getting, but an amazing camera that will make your photos look better than ever before. One the most prominent upgrades the latest modded Google Camera app brings is the Night Sight mode. Well, everyone talks about it and you should discover it too.

The new mode helps capture enough light during low-light conditions to deliver bright shots with all the relevant details. It essentially captures up to 15 frames with a reasonably slow shutter to provide an effective exposure of nearly five seconds.

This comes in place of keeping the camera shutter open for four to five seconds, which would eventually blur the image. So, long story short, Night Sight captures images that are sharper and more detailed than ever before.

The best for your OnePlus device too

Google Camera‘s new Night Sight mode has been impressing almost everyone lately, so allow yourself to be amazed too! No, it doesn’t matter if you don’t really own a Pixel device, but a OnePlus 6 instead.

Developers have created a modded Google Camera app your OnePlus 6 device too and yes, the new Google Camera mod brings the same Night Sight mode that was initially ported to the Camera app of Pixel phones. And be sure that the problem with the mode that was not working for your device is fixed now. So, nothing stops you from getting the very best.

What regular phone cameras would use is LED flash to illuminate the subject in low lighting situations. However, Night Sight takes advantage of its power of machine learning to assess the context and then choose the colors. These are the ones that will give you low-noise pictures. You will see it for yourself how great they can look. Even more, it can pick out details that no  human eye can see due to the lack of light. And you will no longer get a pitch black image, but it will instead capture better quality images than expected despite of the poor lighting conditions.

Grab the Google Camera Port with Night Sight right away. You you most surely enjoy it!

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