Lenovo P2 Stock Wallpapers for your Android Device

I am a technology lover – this is something that you probably know – and I love collecting wallpapers too. I can spend all day long browsing through the Wallpaper Gallery’s many categories to find the images that I want for my device, no matter if I am in a mood for something stylish or for a crazy wallpaper that could make others think that I need a doctor’s appointment.

Getting serious again, everything is possible in the Android world and choosing a special wallpaper that defines you is a must! I have no doubts about that! Speaking of that, you have to take a closer look at these Lenovo P2 Stock Wallpapers for your Android device.

All 7 wallpapers from the Lenovo P2 are in full HD quality with a resolution of no less than 1080 x 1920 px. If you want to enjoy a colorful, simple and yet very elegant look on your phone’s lock and home screens, just right-click the images. With them, you don’t have to waste your time and look for more options.

Don’t hesitate to download them all as a single zip file from the bottom of the page.

How to Enjoy the Lenovo P2 Stock Wallpapers on your Android Device:

  1. Take the Lenovo P2 Stock Wallpapers from here;
  2. Place the downloaded zip on your computer or laptop;
  3. Extract the pack right away and the best thing to do is to choose a convenient location as you are going to need them right away;
  4. Now, transfer these wallpapers to your device via the handset’s USB cord;
  5. Then, you have to go to the Settings option;
  6. From there, you can change the current wallpaper from the display option, so Choose Display;
  7. Up next, choose Wallpaper;
  8. If prompted, you have to choose the Home screen or the lock screen.

Do you like to change things from time to time and in a week or two will most probably be looking for a new wallpaper? I have something that will satisfy your hunger!

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